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Care instructions


* Don't handle your leather piece with greasy hands if possible. Wipe clean with a lightly damp cloth. 

* Also don't handle your leather pieces too much, especially the hair on hide pieces. They can start to shed or the foils can start to wear off if overly handled.

* All leather pieces, including hand painted ones are finished with a layer of lacquer. This does not make them waterproof, so please don't wear them in the shower or swimming. 

* To clean your leather pieces you can use a baby wipe. Do not rub too much, or the painted finish may be damaged.


Kathleen Benham pieces are carefully handmade in my studio in Melbourne and should last a long time depending on your treatment of them. To ensure the life of your piece you can:

* Clean your (non-lacquered) beads or earrings using a damp cloth or a baby wipe.
* Be careful of clothing with non-colourfast dyes as the dye can rub off on the beads and stain them. For difficult stains, use nail polish remover (non-acetone), but please note it may remove some of the coloured pigment from your beads.
* As leather is a natural material it can degrade over time so try to avoid contact with make-up, perfume, oils and moisture. If you need replacement leather or waxed cotton cord, please email me at: hello@kathleenbenham.com.au and I can send you a replacement for a small charge.
* Avoid tugging or pulling on your necklace
* Clean silver chain or silver jump rings by gently wiping with a silver polishing cloth – these can be purchased at any supermarket
* Store your jewels in a cool dry place. I like to store mine in a jewellery box or zip locked bag.
* For earrings that have metal leaf, try and store these in a zip lock bag or jewellery box so the metal doesn’t oxidise

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